Edumeet is one of the huge School management system and software, having more features and benefits in this tools, and added complete facilities for student, educator and parents.

Virtual learning platforms — EDUMEET | Synchronous learning, Live recording, Session recording and etc,.

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One of the best school management software and ERP, nowdays every schools and institute start to use Online Management Software for Student ansd Educator and Administration.

We introduced EDUMEET School Management Software & ERP, Use this software and get more features and Benefits.


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Edumeet one of the best zoom alternative software here, they performing well compared to zoom and google meet software. Zoom alternative and google meet alternative every video conference software edumeet is best for video and school management software.

Edumeet Vs Google meet Vs Zoom

Edumeet — All Benefits available

Google Meet — Limited Video meeting

Zoom — Paid Version

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Edumeet — Top alternative to zoom software and google meet software. Try to use this edumeet software and get more features and benefits.



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